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Hello and welcome to Crunchy Hippie Life!

My name is Amanda, aka The Hippie RN. I fully believe that everyone can live an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle, no matter your budget.

After years of sharing my love of “crunchy living” (natural health, frugal finance, and eco-friendly living) with my friends, I started Crunchy Hippie Life in 2013 to share my best tips and tricks on a larger scale. Click on the pictures below to go to each of the categories:

In 2019, I published my first book, Dirt Cheap Adult: A Millennial’s Guide to Life on a Budget, detailing how my husband and I lived on just $16,000 a year.
I am passionate about sharing all the tips and tricks to transitioning to a sustainable and zero waste lifestyle, natural wellness and DIY recipes, and all the budgeting resources that make this lifestyle possible, no matter your financial situation. Through careful and strategic budgeting, we have been able to pay off our student loans, build credit without credit cards, and our only debt is our mortgage!

Take a look around, and don’t forget to join our free resource library for extra exclusive content all about healthy living on a budget.


  1. Kayla Barbarick

    October 7, 2014 at 10:46 am

    I just recently went process food free, it’s been a struggle! Mainly for food prep as you mentioned! I’m excited to see someone on the other end of the spectrum, something to look forward to! Thanks for the post!

    1. Mrs. Crunchy

      October 9, 2014 at 5:05 pm

      That’s great, Kayla! It’s definitely a process, but it gets easier with practice! Soon processed foods will be foreign to you. 🙂

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