Daily Archives: December 2, 2015

5 minute miracles

5 minutes timer

Two perspectives:

“Well yeah, but what would five minutes do?”


“What could five minutes do?”

When I was a teenager I wanted to get into better habits, so I signed up for daily Flylady emails. She had a two-minute list: what can I actually accomplish in just two minutes? The actual list is pretty staggering. Things don’t take as long as you think they might! Applying a five minute miracle outlook is much the same. I can accomplish quite a lot in five minutes!




Little drops, when dropping consistently, can fill a bucket. Little moments grabbed, when done consistently, can change a life.


There are plenty of five minute projects that, when practiced consistently, can either make your day or even your whole life better:

– do 50 squats/lunges/something similar

– drink another glass of water and take your supplements

– write a short blog post or outline of one, brainstorm other topics and write them down

– read a chapter of an ebook (I get them when they are free on Amazon. I have a library now of 100+ books to choose from when I have spare minutes!)

– do some simple yoga poses like sun salutation and peaceful warrior, focus on your breathing and just the moment in time

– make yourself a smoothie, hiding extra greens for better health and digestion (limit your clean up by making your smoothie in a NutriBullet or this DIY hack)

See how these could add up? As my son learns to walk, I’m learning the value of the phrase “baby steps.” Sometimes we will fall and that’s okay. When we get back up and keep going, we will meet our goals.