Daily Archives: March 16, 2016

DIY haircut

My last haircut was the big post-wedding chop (almost 2 1/2 years ago!) and it got cut all the way up to my chin. It wasn’t really the best look for me. Chin-length hair makes my face look too round. 

Pregnancy made my hair grow very long very quickly, and now that my sweet babe is 15 months and running everywhere but oh-so-attached to Mommy, I can’t go anywhere for a haircut without him clinging to me or wailing in the backroad. Hardly relaxing. But my hair was getting super long and starting to dread itself into one big circular super-attractive nest on the back of my head no matter how many times I brushed it. 

So I decided to save $25 and a guaranteed stressful event and just chop my hair off at home. Luckily I had noticeable layers and Peter was able to cut the length off at the longest layer.

I found this tutorial on YouTube for cutting my own layers to add body. This technique is super easy, but I’ve noticed it doesn’t take any length off in the back. This is why Peter cut it to the length I wanted first before I layered it. 

It took 5 minutes, I could hold Tristan, and it was free! 

It really is very empowering to be able to do things ourselves at home. In case you’re keeping track, so far I’ve made our toothpaste, baked our bagels, birthed a baby, and now added cutting my own hair. It all started as a way to save money but it’s morphed into this lifestyle of self-sufficiency and a more natural, wholistic mindset that resonates with my soul at a deep level. I can’t imagine living a life on any other path.