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Review: From Home With Love

From Home With Love - send your family their favorite meals!

Have you ever wanted to send someone a home cooked meal, but you lived too far away? What if you could find a Post Office-approved way to send your friends and family a batch of your famous lasagna, as well as a tin of their favorite cookies? Now you can!

From Home With Love is a company with a really cool idea: You cook food for your family, and they provide not only all the packaging (including the container for the food and the packing tape!), but they also pick up the box and deliver it for you!

From Home With Love box

The box – with toddler feet for size reference (and because he was curious!)

I was given the opportunity to review the packaging, and I have to say, I was impressed! I chose not to send food to anyone, but I did want to review the materials and my overall impressions.

From Home With Love packing


  • They supply literally everything. As I stated before, even the container for the food and the oft-forgotten packing tape are included in the package. From Home With Love thermometer
  • The instructions are very clear. They specify exactly what to do, and they include pictures to illustrate how to correctly pack the food.
  • Everything is BPA-free, so no worries about putting your hot food in a disposable container (you freeze it before you send it so it stays fresh)From Home With Love gel From Home With Love container
  • The company drops off the box and picks up the food when you are ready to send it! You don’t even have to go anywhere. This would be a great service for homebound family to send home cooked meals (I know of some elderly who love to cook for their family but aren’t able to drive any longer – this would be perfect!).
    From Home With Love packing slip


  • My only “con” would be that it is an awful lot of packaging for one meal. Here we can recycle cardboard, but the styrofoam insulation needs to be thrown away after it’s been used. Hopefully soon it can be replaced with a green-er option.

In all, I think this is such a wonderful idea. I will definitely keep it in mind now that we live 350 miles away from our family and friends! From Home With Love mint!