Daily Archives: September 24, 2016

Eat the Rainbow: Recommit to a Healthy Lifestyle Now!

eat the rainbow recommit to a healthy lifestyle nowLet’s get one thing straight: “taste the rainbow” is for Skittles. “Eat the Rainbow” is my daily challenge. Stress, ever-changing work demands, and (being real here) laziness get in the way of me achieving an overall healthy lifestyle.

Researchers suggest the average person eat 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. One serving usually equals about 1/2 – 1 full cup. Unfortunately, due to pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and depletion of soil quality, sometimes even 13 servings of fruits and vegetables aren’t enough to supply you with the nutrients your body requires to function properly. This is especially true if you are an athlete or a pregnant mama, as your body requires many more nutrients to fuel your higher-than-usual level of activity!

Beginning October 3, I am jumpstarting my recommitment to my health ¬†with a “reboot.” For 10 days, I will eliminate everything processed, dairy, COFFEE, and gluten-containing grains, and focus instead on plants, plenty of water, and some yoga/meditation.

It’s going to be a whole thing.

In addition, I’m going to be joined by my little helpers, powdered produce in capsule and protein form. Every day (beginning on October 3 and continuing through infinity), I will take two capsules containing powdered vegetables, two of fruits, and two of berries, all grown in nonGMO, pesticide-free environments. Each piece was harvested at the peak of freshness and kept raw, so all those helpful mini-enzymes still hold their magic. For 10 days, I will have 2 shakes. Between my shakes and my capsules, that puts me at over 50 plants ingested per day.

And I get chocolate for breakfast. I’m not even upset about the no-coffee thing.

I have a few coworkers joining me, which I’m really excited about! There is nothing I love more than sharing resources and helping the people I care about make healthy changes!

You don’t have to join a challenge to make a change. I love love love the phrase, “one simple change,” because I get overwhelmed easily, but I can make one simple change at a time. I can drink more water. I can take 0.5 seconds and take some produce in capsules. I can change my drink options to be more plant-based instead of just coffee (newest obsession: La Croix water!). Do you see what I mean? Simple changes. Simple choices. Who knows how they will impact your life?

I’m off to drink some lemon La Croix!