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3 Apps to Save Money on Groceries…Without Clipping Coupons!

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3 apps to save you money at the grocery store - without coupons!

I used to use coupons extensively. My coupon binder was so big and heavy the air bag sensor thought it was a person if I happened to put it on a seat. True story.

Since I became more of a hippie and less excited about saving coupons for things I didn’t use, I’ve seen and tried several creative ways to save money at the grocery store. Lately, my routine has involved using 3 simple money saving apps. This takes less than 5 minutes and I’ve already gotten $10+ back!

When I return from my shopping, I first log on to Fetch Rewards and upload a picture of the receipt. As you upload pictures consistently, you earn points that can be traded in for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.

Fetch Rewards is a newer rewards program, but I have already almost earned a $5 gift card in the couple weeks I’ve been using it, just by scanning my normal, everyday receipts.

When you first sign up, you earn 200 points per receipt scan. I noticed once I reached 3,000 points (start off your account with 2,000 when you enter code H2DTB into this link) that the rewards went down to 25 points per receipt scan.

You can also earn points for buying certain things each week, similar to iBotta.

My favorite part of Fetch is that it finds the deals for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed an iBotta deal because I didn’t see it browsing through and had already thrown away my receipt.

Next, I log on to the iBotta app, and I look through the rebates available for where I shop. There is usually at least one rebate I can use. They usually have rebates on fresh produce! My favorite deal so far was when I purchased day old bread for $0.50 and there was a $0.25 rebate for any loaf. Score!

*Note: I intentionally do not look at the ibotta rebates before shopping, as I don’t want to buy something just to make money back.*

Money is given in gift card form, or paid to a PayPal account. Sign up now and get an instant $10 when you redeem your first rebate!

Finally, after any Walmart purchases I head over to my Walmart Savings Catcher app and scan the code at the bottom of the receipt. The app searches the Internet to check for the best prices, and gives me back the difference if they find a better price. I just started using this probably 3 weeks ago and have made over $6 just by scanning a couple QR codes. The money is given in Walmart e-gift cards.

1/29/2019 UPDATE: The Walmart Savings Catcher is now only available if you use the Walmart Pay option, so you don’t get a physical receipt. In order to still use iBotta and the savings catcher app together, locate the receipt you want to upload from your Savings Catcher app, and take a screenshot of the QR code. Either email it to yourself or text it to someone’s cell phone, and scan the code from that second device. Someday I hope the two companies can integrate their systems!

None of these will get me the savings of extreme couponing, but I’m making healthy choices for my family and I get to save money without clipping coupons!

How do you shop?

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