About Me

Amanda Kintz, the hippie RN

About CrunchyHippieLife

My name is Amanda Kintz. I'm a nurse by day, wife and mom in the evening, and Responsible Lifestyle coach after everyone in the house goes to sleep. 

I empower people to live a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle on a budget through this blog, my book Dirt Cheap Adult: A Millennial's Guide to Life on a Budget (available on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com), and my online course, Budget to Bank

In 2014, my husband and I earned a measly $16,000 - and that included cashing out the 401k I opened when I was 18. We not only managed to live life without credit cards, but we paid down student loans (paid in full September 2016!), and continued to sponsor 2 children overseas. 

My mess became my message, and I now serve to inspire people to empower themselves with the right resources and mindset to achieve their goals and live a healthy life. 

My goal is to change the way people approach health - showing them that it is possible to eat healthy food on a budget, it is within their financial means to live sustainably, and it is possible to get out of debt. 

I am so happy and honored to be on this journey with you, as my message of self-empowerment applies to all walls of life, but especially if you are be struggling financially and think a healthy lifestyle is currently out of your reach.

I would love to help you thrive!