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Save Money on Healthy Food

9 Ways to Save Money on Organic Food

Ten years ago, I had no idea what “organic” meant. I was an Extreme Coupon Queen. I could proudly rattle off the best ways to save tons of money on name brand beauty products, snacks, and a vast array of processed foods. All that came crashing down when I developed persistent eczema, and I set out on a mission to overhaul my entire lifestyle (and thus, CrunchyHippieLife was born!). But as it turns out, you can take the girl out of the coupons, but you can’t take the frugal  ...

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Save Money at Home

How To Save Even More Money When You Shop On Amazon

We all know that you save money shopping on Amazon. Their crazy low prices and fast shipping have taken the shopping world by storm. Amazon offers everything you need for any situation; in some places with shipping times that rival just going to the store and buying it off the rack yourself. It might seem quite a feat to save even more money when you shop with Amazon, but I promise you there are a few ways that you might not know about yet. Saving More Money on Amazon Shop Through Rakuten  ...

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5 Ways to Participate in Plastic Free July

Veganuary. No Shave November. We love to assign challenges to months, making each month a themed adventure of new activities. And now we have Plastic Free July, aimed at one of my favorite topics: reducing excess waste. Reducing waste has many benefits, reaching both global impact as well as each person individually. Plastic Free July is a perfect time to highlight some easy ways to responsibly reduce waste, with the selfish benefit of compound savings over the course of time. I recently  ...

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Debt Free

Why You Should NOT Snowball Your Debt Payment

At work today, we had a lunch and learn with a financial advisor about how to create a budget and get out of debt. I stayed behind to have a discussion with the advisor afterwards. When I told him that our only debt was our mortgage, we don’t carry any credit cards, we have an emergency fund, and we pay cash for our vehicles, he looked impressed and slightly confused as to why I chose to attend this class. I told him that I love learning about budgeting and found his talk to be  ...

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