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Save Money on Healthy Food

9 Ways to Save Money on Organic Food

Ten years ago, I had no idea what “organic” meant. I was an Extreme Coupon Queen. I could proudly rattle off the best ways to save tons of money on name brand beauty products, snacks, and a vast array of processed foods. All that came crashing down when I developed persistent eczema, and I set out on a mission to overhaul my entire lifestyle (and thus, CrunchyHippieLife was born!). But as it turns out, you can take the girl out of the coupons, but you can’t take the frugal  ...

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healthy recipes

Easy Vegan No-Lettuce Meal Prep Recipes for your Portable Salad Containers

Last summer, I was about to check out at Walmart when I spotted some portable salad containers on clearance. I was so excited, I accidentally bought 11. These salad containers ended up being the best addition to my meal prep arsenal because they are a big enough size for a decent meal.¬† Have you ever gotten leftover containers that are clearly only meant for a small amount of actual leftovers? These salad containers are not those kind. They include a fork, and have a small container that  ...

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Healthy food tips

The Super Duper Cheap Way to Make Juice without a Juicer

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I definitely indulged in a few sweets this holiday season. Our family is especially busy, since our oldest son’s birthday is December 19, and our wedding anniversary is December 21. Lots of reasons to party, lots of opportunities to eat sugar. And now I have lots of reasons to rest my poor immune system and do a gentle cleanse and reset. I’m not a fan of those fad juice cleanses where all I drink is cranberry juice for several  ...

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Holistic Health

Why I Left my MLM for Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Brutally honest confession time: I used to be *that* crazy essential oils lady. You know the one. The one who not only hasn’t talked to you since high school, but suddenly contacts you, thoroughly convinced that every problem in the history of the world is due to someone running out of their frankincense essential oil. Foot odor? I’ve got an oil for that. Dandruff? There’s an oil for that too. Did you eat too many donuts? There’s a fat-busting oil for that will clear  ...

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