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I Stopped Using Laundry Detergent Almost a Year Ago

That’s right, it’s officially been over a year since I’ve purchased laundry detergent, and close to a year since I stopped using it. No, I don’t make my own, that’s honestly too much effort for me to go through in my life right now (sometimes you have to balance the natural life with the convenient life, yaknowwhatImean?). And no, I’m not washing with vinegar. I like vinegar but in laundry it’s primarily used as a fabric softener and since I  ...

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Splurge With Purpose: Best Vegan Subscription Boxes For Women

I love presents, especially when they come in the mail. It’s something that I’ve just come to accept about the non-frugal side of myself. I also love giving to non-profit organizations and seeing how my purchase in little ole Missouri can profit a small business and/or impact a family on the other side of the world. Combine the two, and I’m just jello. Today I’m excited to share my top three best subscription boxes with you, and why I love them so much. If  ...

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