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I Stopped Using Laundry Detergent Almost a Year Ago

That’s right, it’s officially been over a year since I’ve purchased laundry detergent, and close to a year since I stopped using it. No, I don’t make my own, that’s honestly too much effort for me to go through in my life right now (sometimes you have to balance the natural life with the convenient life, yaknowwhatImean?). And no, I’m not washing with vinegar. I like vinegar but in laundry it’s primarily used as a fabric softener and since I  ...

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Save Money on Food

This Week’s Menu and How I Menu Plan for Picky Eaters

Well, this week didn’t start out the way I had hoped. On my way to my former home to list the furniture for sale (so I could then list the house for sale) I received a phone call from my former neighbor letting me know a flash flood hit our area last night. Their basement filled with 10ft of water, and the creek overflowed several dead fish into the backyard across the street. I spent my Sunday afternoon with a shop vac as my best friend and I cleared out several sopping wet rugs. The  ...

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Save Money on Healthy Food

What’s On The Menu?

This week was a fun challenge for me, grocery budget-wise. I was almost out of some important ingredients for my smoothies (beet powder, hemp hearts) and some other groceries, but I wanted to stick to my $100/week grocery budget. So I got creative. The only way I was going to be able to afford to buy the amount of food we needed for the week and stay within budget was to cash in the $50 in referral credits I had through Imperfect Foods (check out my review of Imperfect Foods). I absolutely  ...

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Healthy food tips

Superfoods to Add to Your Smoothies

We start almost every morning with a smoothie. Smoothies are the easiest way to provide your body with the best and healthiest fast food and flood your system with nutrients. I start every smoothie with the same base of fresh fruits and vegetables, because the most powerful nutrition is found in the delicate enzymes of raw produce. I then add in seasonal produce and a variety of mix-ins for an extra boost of nutrients and plant-powered support for our day.¬† What Liquid Can I Use in my  ...

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