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The KonMari Organization Method: Why I Ditched My Yoga Pants

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How the KonMari method encouraged me to lose my yoga pants and find myself


This week I did the unthinkable: I threw away my yoga pants.

During the pregnancy and immediate postpartum months, I completely lost my sense of style and identity. And I lost so much weight that I felt bad about getting new clothes, since I would just drop another size a few months later and have to shop again.

As part of my rediscovering of my identity, I needed to make some drastic changes in my mindset. As mindset work usually does, that translated into changes in many areas of my life.

I studied the KonMari organization method of tidying your living space, and decided to keep only those things that, as she teaches, “spark joy.”

I broke this down into 3 areas to declutter and tidy up: Bedroom closet, makeup basket, and my corner.

Declutter Bedroom Closet

I’ve been focusing on paring down my wardrobe. I have entirely too many clothes that together create entirely too few outfits and, like my hair, the ends needed to be trimmed. Since we are moving on Saturday this has suddenly become even more important!

I tend to be attracted to solid colors in bold neutrals and simple jewelry. This knowledge helps me when choosing new clothes. I personally keep patterns to a minimum and prefer textural differences instead.

A quick tour of the closet/dresser revealed 15 things that were removed and either repurposed into rags or sent to ThredUp, an incredible online shift store, via their super convenient clean out program.

There are 3 big benefits to the KonMari organization method:
  1. Less laundry. We do laundry in a portable washing machine that we hook up to the kitchen sink every time we use it (but not for long! Our new house has hookups!!!). Then our clothes are air-dried on racks and hangers. Less clothes mean less laundry, which is very nice. We already feel like we do laundry all the time between our clothes and cloth diapers! (Related: How to do Laundry without Hookups)
  2. I actually know what I have. Have you ever pulled something out of your closet that you had forgotten existed? I have. Before this decluttering, I was looking into fancy closet organizers just so I wouldn’t lose things to the depths of the closet. Now that I have a smaller wardrobe consisting mostly of my favorite pieces, I don’t need it. And I like what I wear!
  3. Everything goes together. Call me boring, but I like that I can basically reach in and grab a shirt and a pair of pants and know that it will go together. It really cuts down on my getting ready time in the morning.

Declutter Makeup Basket

Even though my makeup routine is quite a bit simpler than it used to be, I still had some excess. Lip glosses I never wore because they felt sticky, contour brushes I no longer use since I stopped doing the whole contour/highlight nonsense, and the like were all thrown away.

I also threw away all my nail polishes that I had been holding onto for no apparent reason.

Declutter Your Corner

Does anyone else have a special spot in the house where you keep things that don’t belong? For me, that’s my bedside table. I took out the receipts I had stashed in the drawer, found my earrings, and returned my bobby pins to their rightful home.

As much as my yoga pants were comfy and so easy to just throw on and hang out around the house, they didn’t spark joy in my life or motivate me to take a few minutes to put myself together. Those few minutes each day have made a drastic improvement in my overall outlook and mindset.

And I’ve started wearing mascara and earrings on the regular, now that I have better access to them.

So basically I feel like I’m 14 and excited to look like a grown up.

Making the transition from being a young single woman to a married mom has been the most drastic change of my entire life. Simple changes like implementing the KonMari organization method have made it easier to practice self care and feel like myself again, which in turn make me a better wife and mom.

Creating and sticking to a solid morning and evening routine, as well as my weekly GYST day practice also help me streamline the tedious parts of my life so I can maximize the time spent with my family, instead of feeling overwhelmed by chaos.

Have you decluttered your life recently? Leave me a comment, and be sure to share this post to encourage your friends!

How the KonMari method of decluttering encouraged me to lose my yoga pants and find myself.

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