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I Stopped Using Laundry Detergent Almost a Year Ago

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That’s right, it’s officially been over a year since I’ve purchased laundry detergent, and close to a year since I stopped using it.

No, I don’t make my own, that’s honestly too much effort for me to go through in my life right now (sometimes you have to balance the natural life with the convenient life, yaknowwhatImean?).

And no, I’m not washing with vinegar. I like vinegar but in laundry it’s primarily used as a fabric softener and since I don’t have a fancy “pour the fabric softener here” washing machine (and I have never used fabric softener anyway because of all the chemicals), I don’t use it.

Instead, I made my life instantly easier, less expensive, and I significantly decreased my plastic use by purchasing an ecoegg.

If you haven’t heard of the cutest device in the laundry industry (peep the adorable little yellow egg in the picture), let’s hit a couple highlights:


Obviously this is one of the biggest things I look for in every product I purchase. From food to clothing to mascara and everything in between, a requirement of everything I purchase is that it is both not made with animal products or by products, and not tested on animals. AND the ingredients are not harmful to marine life.


I found the ecoegg when I was looking for a non-toxic solution for the nasty chemical shower I received every time I walked down the detergent aisle. Do you get a headache when you shop for laundry detergent or cleaning supplies? That’s most commonly from the chemical fragrances in the detergent.

Also, the solvent 1,4-Dioxane (which yes, is still in popular detergents that rhyme with Clyde) is classified as a human carcinogen. Since I’m not really okay with washing my clothes in cancer-causing suds, it was easy to make the switch.

Instead of carcinogens, the ecoegg uses a unique combination of black tourmaline pellets and mineral-based surfactants, which break up dirt, stains, and grease, and leave your clothes softer, without the need for fabric softener.

The pellets also don’t contain any SLS, parabens, or palm oil.

Inexpensive Refills

An ecoegg costs around $35 for the egg and enough pellets for around 720 washes. Yes, you can do a load a day and this little powerhouse will last you almost two years. And to buy another two years worth of pellets? That will cost you around $10.

It’s honestly the best deal ever.

Limits Plastic Waste

Do you buy liquid laundry detergent? Assuming you use a jug every 2-3 months, how much plastic are you using over the course of your lifetime? Ecoeggs have a 10 year promise – that’s a LOT less plastic waste.


Are you going on a trip and need to do laundry on the road? Just throw this in your bag and toss a collapsible hamper basket or a laundry bag in your trunk and you are set. No big clunky laundry bottles that will leak everywhere, or borrowing someone else’s detergent.

But Does it Work?

In short, yes, yes it absolutely does work. I don’t use things for almost a year if they don’t work, especially when it comes to my boys.

While it doesn’t magically lift chocolate milk out of white shirts without using something to pretreat it, I have had great luck with every other grass and dirt stain my boys (and I) tend to collect.

I have sensitive skin, so I bought the fragrance-free version, and our clothes still smell clean after every load.

Do You Need Anything Else?

As I tend to be a minimalist, both for convenience and saving space, I mostly use the ecoegg on its own. For stubborn stains, I use a Meliora laundry stick to pretreat.

At some point down the line I will invest in a set of hemp dryer balls. Dryer balls help reduce drying time by up to 50% (which reduces energy usage), reduce static, and naturally softens clothing.

Do you use eco-friendly laundry products? Let me know in the comments!

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