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Frugal Christmas Traditions

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My favorite photo of all of our gifts under our tree!

My favorite photo of all of our gifts under our tree!

Christmastime has always been an especially busy time for our little family. In 2013 we got married on December 21, and came home on Christmas Eve because my mother-in-law said we weren’t allowed to skip Christmas. In 2014 of course we had Tristan, so this year we have his first birthday party (and yes, there will be a healthy “smash” cupcake for the little dude). Our budget for the past two years was tight due to our circumstances, so we have gotten good at inexpensive ways to celebrate.

Drive around looking at Christmas lights

Last year gas money was especially tight so we didn’t do this, but it is fun to drive through neighborhoods and admire the lights. It’s even more fun if people get creative and set their lights to music!

Borrow Christmas movies/books from the library

The library basically was our main source of entertainment last year, since we can rent movies for free! Watching Christmas movies with a mug of hot cocoa is one of our favorite ways to spend time together during the Christmas season.

Listen to Christmas music throughout the day 

Pandora is the best! We each have apps on our phones and listen to music all day long.

Our family is all for inexpensive and simple. For me, the beauty of the season is found in peaceful moments, in simplicity, and in family.

How do you look forward to the holidays?

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