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Review: From Home With Love

Thanks for sharing! 8 Have you ever wanted to send someone a home cooked meal, but you lived too far away? What if you could find a Post Office-approved way to send your friends and family a batch of your famous lasagna, as well as a tin of their favorite cookies? Now you can! From Home With Love is a company with a really cool idea: You cook food for your family, and they provide not only all the packaging (including the container for the food and the packing tape!), but they also pick up  ...

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Healthy Food

An Ode to My 5 Gallon Bucket of Coconut Oil

Thanks for sharing! 8Dear 5 gallon bucket of coconut oil, We used your last remaining bits of oil the other day and I became all mommy-emotional. We’ve been through a lot together, you and me. Single to dating to fiancé to marriage and new apartment. I traded a gallon of your delicious oil to get the best meats I’ve ever tasted when we were so poor I could barely afford any food. You were gold. Then my baby was born and I filled up a little jar with your high quality oil to keep  ...

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Save Money

3 Apps to Save Money on Groceries…Without Clipping Coupons!

Thanks for sharing! 8 I used to use coupons extensively. My coupon binder was so big and heavy the air bag sensor thought it was a person if I happened to put it on a seat. True story. Since I became more of a hippie and less excited about saving coupons for things I didn’t use, I’ve seen and tried several creative ways to save money at the grocery store. Lately, my routine has involved using 3 simple money saving apps. This takes less than 5 minutes and I’ve already  ...

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Family Life

Weekends in Paradise

Thanks for sharing! 8Alright ya’ll, so I’m working on making blogging part of a routine again and I’m super pumped to start #MakeoverYourEvenings on Monday with you! But because this little slice of heaven is so perfect, I just have to share the beautiful weekend routine we have created for ourselves: Saturdays: Wake up late, make brunch. Saturdays are pancake days. Lately I’ve been making this recipe from Wellness Mama by throwing all the ingredients into my Ninja  ...

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