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Healthy food tips

Why FAT is my Favorite Food Group

Thanks for sharing! 8  I love to eat fat. Please hear this: I don’t like eating “fatty” foods necessarily.  While you will occasionally witness me downing some McDonald’s french fries (I blame Peter), the majority of my fat intake comes from my favorite food group: the good fats. I’m currently enjoying a peach-spinach-coconut oil smoothie, for example. Good fats come not only in animal products like grass-fed meats, tallow, and full-fat yogurt, but also  ...

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Holistic Health

No more shampoo!

Thanks for sharing! 8 A quick recap of the past few weeks: (When having friends over or visiting friends) Me: Hi!  So good to see you!  Uhh…sorry about my hair…I’m transitioning to a no-chemical hair routine and my hair is detoxing.  I really do shower…uhhhh… Yeah.  The transition period of the no-chemical thing  is NO FUN.  I feel like I’m 13 all over again.  And trust me, 13 was not a good year. I’m not sure if my hair is finally adjusting or I’m finally  ...

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DIY tooth powder

Thanks for sharing! 8 Completely random conversation that just happened at the Hippie House this morning: Peter: “You know, I’ve been using your tooth powder recipe for about a month now and my teeth feel stronger and clean.” Me: *socially awkward happy dance* My adventures in making our own tooth paste started last year when I thought I was getting a cavity.  I consulted the internet for a homemade toothpaste recipe and ran to Whole Foods for the ingredients. I kept it as  ...

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Finance, Sustainability

How we are Saving $312 a Year on Laundry

Thanks for sharing! 8 Laundry. An unfortunate reality of apartment-dwellers, “laundry day” often means walking around outside with a basket full of your delicates, no matter what the weather. It also means a never-ending search for quarters. Every time you need quarters, you have to go to an ATM or write a check to have something to trade at customer service at the grocery store  for a roll of quarters. Peter and I recently  started doing laundry at our apartment complex.  After  ...

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