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I always seem to start the year with ideals. Ideally, I will finish all the dishes and prep for the morning the night before, wake up at 6:30am, and have between 6:30-8 as my designated “blogging” time. Occasionally this happens. More often than not, here’s how much current mornings go and how I am embracing flexibility:

Wake up at 6:30, go downstairs to start the coffeepot (currently for Peter, will be for me again on Wednesday!). While water is heating up, finish the dishes.

Wash my hair. We purchased a new-to-us brand of shampoo a couple weeks ago and accidentally got the kind with extra moisture, which my hair doesn’t like, so I’m washing my hair more frequently (otherwise it looks greasy and gross).

Pack my snacks. I eat lunch at work, but I snack throughout the day. Currently I bring dried figs, walnuts, carrots and hummus, and a piece of fresh fruit. I also bring a cup of bone broth.

Take my salad bar capsules and make a protein shake. I am loving getting to drink chocolate first thing in the morning! My new favorite way is to use some of the hot water from the coffee pot to make my shake into hot cocoa. Hot cocoa with 13 g of protein and nutrition from 24 plants? Umm….yes please! Occasionally I will also add a scoop full of collagen powder as well for extra protein.

From about 7:30-8:15am is about the time when I get to sit down to blog. I’ve decided to take the self-placed burden of posting every day off of myself. I’m laying out topics to be able to post several times a week still, but also using that time during some days to connect with other bloggers, work on my freelance articles, write my newsletters, and do some general maintenance behind-the-scenes. This has opened up so much space for me to actually take care of this blog and enjoy it, because now I have the time to get it all done.

By 8:15 it’s time to leave for work, and I can feel accomplished already, knowing that my family is taken care of with a clean kitchen, Peter’s coffee waiting for him in the microwave,  and we all have good food to nourish us.

This morning routine is not exactly how I pictured it at the beginning of the year. And it likely will not stay this way as I continue to work on my goals for this Year of Discipline. I usually turn on YouTube and listen to MoneySavingMom’s short videos while I do the dishes, so I can continue learning and growing. Today I listened to her walk through how she plans out her weeks. I realized that I have a super cute planner that I am not using properly. I’m barely opening it! Later today I’m going to sit down and plot out my goals for the week. This will become a Sunday night routine, so I can lay out my whole week at a glance. This planner is going to get used well!

On Wednesday I will share with you a recap of our January, how our goals for 2017 are coming, and a few other reflections.

Happy Monday!

Thanks for sharing!


  1. Mummy Times Two

    January 31, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing this post at #PostsFromTheHeart, I often wonder about other bloggers’ routines and how they juggle blogging, family and work so it’s lovely to read about yours. I too have a self imposed posting every day rule, though maybe like you I should give myself more flexibility, I can certainly see the advantages of it.

    1. Mrs. Crunchy

      January 31, 2017 at 5:57 pm

      Thanks so much for your comment! I feel like my flexibility helps me enjoy blogging more. Yes, it is a business, but it is a business I create for myself so I *should* have fun with it! 🙂

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