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How we are Saving $312 a Year on Laundry

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How to save $312 a year on laundry

Laundry. An unfortunate reality of apartment-dwellers, “laundry day” often means walking around outside with a basket full of your delicates, no matter what the weather. It also means a never-ending search for quarters. Every time you need quarters, you have to go to an ATM or write a check to have something to trade at customer service at the grocery store  for a roll of quarters.

Peter and I recently  started doing laundry at our apartment complex.  After a few all-day laundry affairs where we felt tied to the apartment and scouring the car for extra quarters because the jeans didn’t finish drying in one round, we started hanging our laundry to dry over the shower.

This idea may seem really simple to you, and perhaps a little inconvenient, but Peter calculated that it costs about $1.50-2 to dry each load.  We typically do a few loads twice a week, so now we only dry one load with the smaller items. We also bought a few drying racks for the laundry that needs to lat flat (like sweaters). We are also looking into possibly installing a couple retractable clothes lines.

Peter estimates that this one small adjustment saves us around $6 a week, which adds up to $312 a year!  With all of our other budget cuts, this helps that much more. It’s exciting to be able to see so much difference with our budget!

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4/2016 UPDATE: We are now able to do laundry completely at home, without hookups! We bought a portable washing machine that hooks up to the kitchen sink, and a dryer with a 120V plug, so it hooks into any outlet! Vent it inside using this nifty lint trap.

Check out this post, Why a Portable Washing Machine is a Lifesaver for Apartment-Dwellers, for all the details of how the washing machine works without laundry hookups!

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