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Easy Vegan No Lettuce Meal Prep Recipes

Last summer, I was about to check out at Walmart when I spotted some portable salad containers on clearance. I was so excited, I accidentally bought 11. These salad containers ended up being the best addition to my meal prep arsenal because they are a big enough size for a decent meal.  Have you ever gotten leftover containers that are clearly only meant for a small amount of actual leftovers? These salad containers are not those kind. They include a fork, and have a small container that  ...

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Get Your Sh*t Together Day: The Secret to Getting Things Done

Have you ever wondered how to “get it all done”?  Or if “getting things done” was even possible? I work full-time, I’m a wife and mommy to two very active little boys, and I’m building this blog into a full-time gig. There is never enough time for all the things I want to, but I have had a lot of people ask about my time management systems that help me reach my goals and accomplish all my tasks on the daily. The thing is, I didn’t always get  ...

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