The Personal Development Resources I’m Loving Lately

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I’m a doer. I am forever dreaming and thinking of new projects and learning. One of my biggest loves is the practice of personal development. It’s even the focus of my second book (which is all about applying personal development principles to your life as it pertains to living sustainably).

But my book won’t be coming out for another year or so, and I’m anxious to share some easy-to-use personal development resources with you now.

Like most people this year, 2020 has not gone the way I dreamed it would on December 31, 2019. My marriage ended at the beginning of the year (don’t feel sad for me, this is a really good thing), and I started navigating life as a single mom of two. It was a bit of an adjustment, but thankfully not very difficult. Now that it’s been several months, it has been so nice to return to intentionally practicing personal development in my pursuit of being the best version of myself so I can give the best to my kids. 

To stretch yourself, push your own boundaries of what you think you are capable of, learn new things, and apply those new things into your daily practice, is the epitome of growth as a human. I’ve almost become addicted to growth and learning, pushing through limiting beliefs and patterns, and reaching new levels in my life. As William S. Borroughs said, “when you stop growing, you start dying.” 

where to find personal development for cheap

Where to Find Cheap Personal Development Resources

Learning and growth can be easy, because the resources are readily available. Documentaries are available to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even from the library.

Podcasts are readily available for free on almost every topic you can imagine on iTunes, Spotify, and various podcast apps.

Audiobooks can be borrowed from your local library for free through the Hoopla app (you can also borrow movies through this app too!).

Real books, too, are available for free through your local library, of course.

The Personal Development Tools I’m Loving Lately

So now that you know where to find the personal development resources, I want to share some of my current favorite resources I have been learning from and implementing into my life:

  1. The Game Changers (documentary) – A deep scientific look at the plant-based diet and the health benefits. The doctors, dietitians, and scientists discuss everything from teeth structure, the link between meat and cardiovascular disease, athletic performance, and more. As a nurse with a 10-year obsession with the heart and cardiac function, this documentary spoke to my soul.
  2. The Minimalists (documentary) – A documentary about two men who became extreme minimalists and then wrote a book about it. As I focus on simplifying our lives and making sure everything has a place in our new place, this documentary has been a helpful reminder to “love people and use things.”
  3. Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis (podcast) – One of my favorite podcasts. Rachel is a mom of four and a self-build CEO. She is insanely goal-driven, and I need someone in my life who is more driven than I am to show me what’s possible.
  4. The Automatic Millionaire (book/audiobook) – This book is so brilliant, I’ve already talked about it before. My life is busy enough with all the activities of running a home and raising two boys solo, I don’t have time for complicated excel spread sheets and time-consuming budgeting plans. This book helped me create a “set it and forget it” money system. I actually found this book for $3 at a used book store and snagged it so I can have it as a constant personal resource.
  5. So You Want to Talk About Race? (book/audiobook) – I’ve always been a fan of social justice and equality, but it wasn’t until the protests this year that I was able to participate in marches, rallies, and vigils. I also decided to take a deep dive into anti-rascim education. This book is a precious gem; I learned so much and appreciated learning how deeply racism is woven into the very fabric of our society – and some great ideas for how to undo and rebuild our world into an anti-racist community.
  6. 13th (documentary) – Another anti-racism resource, this moving documentary shows how several decisions made in the past few decades have created an oppressive divide between the races, and how that divide has played out in the economy and politics in modern world.
  7. The Richest Man in Babylon (book/audiobook) – I listened to this book last year and really loved the message shared. The author used a story to encourage readers to follow your dreams, because there is no time like the present.
  8. The Business Babe Podcast (podcast) – This podcast, by an incredible business coach and personal friend, Lauren Eliz Love, has not just business advice but also tons of advice on removing limiting beliefs, staying true to your inner self, and finding freedom in living your dreams. Her podcasts have gotten me through many a difficult time in my life.
  9. Origins (book/audiobook) – This book on astrophysics by Neil deGrasse Tyson was mind-blowing in the coolest way. It was an intense deep-dive into science, which I love, and a look at how scientists view the origins of the world. The techniques they use were fascinating, and the conclusions made sense. I’ll be purchasing this book to keep and using it as a go-along for the boys’ science courses in high school.
  10. Me and White Supremacy (book/audiobook) – Another anti-rascim book, this book goes into how white supremacy is behind all sorts of oppression, even some that might surprise you.

As you can see, I have a fairly diverse range of things I am growing in my life right now: health (specifically plant-based nutrition), money management and investing, scientific knowledge, business, and anti-racism.

Thankfully, the only thing I pay for to have access for this learning is the $14.99/month I pay for my Netflix subscription. All other resources I use are free, which is quite ideal for someone who is living on a tight budget.

Personal development is free for anyone who wants it. The difference between people comes in when you see who takes the time to learn in the first place, who applies what they learn, and who moves on to the next shiny opportunity.

Which person are you?

Have you used any of these resources before? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to share the love!

where to find personal development for cheap

Thanks for sharing!

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