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The Toolkit Essentials You Shouldn’t Be Living Without

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the toolkit essentials you absolutely should not be living without

If you’re going to live on your own, there are a few basic things you will need. Food, soap, your own bath towel…and tools.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my stories about my plumbing troubles the past two weekends.

It all started two Fridays ago, when I was in the living room, buried under sleeping babies and just starting to think about getting them put to bed – when I heard a crash in the kitchen.

Worried someone had broken into the house, I paused the tv.

You know, to let the intruder know that I knew that they were there.

After a few seconds of silence, I turned the tv back on.

You know, to let the intruder escape gracefully, without me hearing them leave.

Apparently, tired and nervous me is pretty gracious.

After a few more minutes of my tv show, I heard water. And lots of it.

I got up to investigate, and upon entering my kitchen, noted water to be pouring like a fountain out the top of my kitchen sink and all over the kitchen floor. I also heard splashing from the laundry room, and found my laundry room tile covered in at least a half inch of water.

To make a long story (that involves me scurrying back and forth, bailing out water from the sink with my biggest mixing bowl out to the carport – I’ll just leave you to picture that) short, there was a clog in the shared pipe between the kitchen and laundry room. So when the washing machine was draining, it hit the clog and backed up through the sink.

This was quickly corrected by a company we found through HomeAdvisor (this post is not sponsored, but I wish it was!). It was 2 hours between when I entered my info and when someone was in my driveway, which was awesome.

So this past Friday night, when I went to switch the laundry to the dryer and I again noticed a significant random puddle in the middle of the laundry area….

I threw a towel down and went to bed.

I was able to investigate the next day and discovered the threading of the inlet valve on the cold water side was corroding and causing an incorrect seal. Rather than pay $90 for a whole new pump, I went to Walmart and spent $0.97 for threading tape.

The washing machine is fixed and I feel like Kaylee from Firefly.

I realized as I was using the rachet to take the back off of the washing machine that we need to have another lesson in our imaginary Adulting 101 class about the tools you should definitely have before you go live on your own.

Having your own tools makes life so much simpler. My thought process is my mantra for life in general:

Once you locate the source of the problem, you figure out how it is supposed to work, why it is malfunctioning, and you can figure out how to fix it from there (with the proper tools, of course).

The easiest way to acquire these tools would be to buying a simple toolkit loaded with the basics and add the last few odds and ends.

So what are some essential tools to have in your toolkit? Here are the basics: 


Obviously, a hammer is a basic in every toolkit, because you never know when you will need to hang a picture or build an obscene amount of IKEA furniture.


Phillips and flathead screwdrivers are both important. I love the sets that have the one handle with interchangeable bits. So many options without spending your first 10 minutes of every project finding the right screwdriver in a pile of 20 other screwdrivers.

A drill

Whether it’s electric or hand-cranked drill (we have both), you need a drill. This has come in handy whenever a screwdriver just doesn’t cut it. Get the power behind the movement and find a solid, basic drill.


When we first moved in to our new house, we realized that there wasn’t a baseboard under the kitchen cabinets. Our house is a slab home, so it was just open to the concrete. We absolutely had to fix that, so we bought wood and a hacksaw and Peter created a tight baseboard for the cabinets. Just in case you have a random need for a saw, a hacksaw is super compact and a great basic saw.

Ratchet set

Seriously my most used tools ever, which totally surprised me! Everything from working on the RV when we owned it (I had to replace the battery isolator on the RV) to taking apart the washing machine, these tools have been my buddy. And if I’m honest, I really like the clicky sound it makes when I’m turning the ratchet quickly. It makes me feel like I’m a real life Rosie the Riveter.

Measuring Tape

The last Apple iPhone update added the measuring app, but measuring tape is still a solid need. It just is.

Electrical Tape

I love electrical tape. It’s so versatile and can be removed without leaving a bunch of residue.

Assortment of nails and screws

Because you just never know when you’re going to need something.

Adjustable Wrench

Like the interchangeable screwdriver, the adjustable wrench saves a ton of space.

Threading Tape

This is a super affordable investment to help fix leaks due to threading breaking or corroding. Seriously, $0.97 for two rolls? Just make sure you have one ready just in case.

Tool bag

Once you buy all these tools, you need a place to put them. A lot of basic tool kits come with a tool carrier of sorts where everything fits in. The problem, of course, is if you start off with a basic tool kit and add the other pieces, you will need a place to put in everything else. Get yourself a good sturdy tool bag. Go for something with a thick canvas or a metal toolbox. Don’t waste your money with any flimsy vinyl nonsense.

Being able to fix things myself has completely transformed my confidence, inspired my creativity, and stretched my critical thinking skills. I’ve always been the girl who was fascinated with how things worked, but the idea of getting to know how everything works and how I can fix whatever goes wrong is newer to me. It wasn’t until we purchased the RV and I had to learn how to run a house on wheels on the fly sparked the obsession with being Miss Fix It. Armed with my tools and a phone that streams YouTube, I can fix just about anything.

If I can learn how to fix things, you can too. Get yourself prepared with the proper tools and see just how self sufficient you can be!

If you love this content, don’t forget to share it – you never know which friend doesn’t own a hammer yet.

I wish I had known the importance of having the right tools when I first moved out on my own!

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